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"On average, employee turnover costs 20% of employee salary."

- PeopleKeep 2016

Every business has a healthy amount of attrition. But how do you measure it? And how do you keep your most valuable asset - your people - engaged, motived, developed, and performing their best? 

Partner with MK Metrics to strengthen your organization's talent development, performance or change management, and succession planning skills. 



"An employee’s output is a direct result of interactions with their manager.”

- Simon Sinek

21% of Employees feel they're managed in a motivating way. That means 79% of your workforce is showing up because they have to, and their output is the result of necessity, not drive. 

Using our tested implementation strategies for incentivizing and holding your team accountable, MK Metrics can help you step into a leadership style that has your team truly showing up for you, all the while developing you as a top performer individually.


Audrey, I’m just playing with phrases!!

The health of your business is the difference between your highest performer and your most underproductive employee…. Your company has a culture whether it has defined it our not and, even if defined, may not be aligned with the mission or values your website shows. It starts with upper management… Strategies you put into play are a direct reflection of your culture, whether defined or not… misalignment in strategies and in culture breeds inefficiency…

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