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MK Metrics is an advisory firm that takes the guessing out of people work.

We provide quantifiable metrics on functions such as hiring, Engagement, and training efficiencies.

By analyzing the most crucial pillar of your business, people, we find the gaps and solve the challenges that are critical to sustained growth and success in your business. 


 Our Services



Need existing training materials revamped? Have new content for a training module you need facilitated? On-boarding a group of new-hires without the manuals you need? By working with your existing teams, MK Metrics supports internal processes, refining training techniques, and providing improved or new content. 



Believing your people are your most valuable asset is the first step in running a successful business.

With that comes the usually challenges of managing performance, setting clear expectations, encouraging pipeline development, and responding to obstacles like unexpected turnover or difficult performance conversations. 

We are here to help you strategize and prioritize while staying true to your company mission. Sometimes all you need is a second set of eyes to bring you back to basics and carve out a clear path forward!



Our speciality is working with small teams of Managers, Directors, or Executives to simultaneously provide them tools to better lead others while developing themselves as individual performers. The work is challenging, fun, and focused on specific actions or initiatives. We lay the groundwork for a desired shift in company culture.